EWS Services

Style Basics

This consultation covers the basics in presenting a positive image.  It will consist of a preliminary consultation and analysis of the following of your wardrobe.  


In-depth Style Tour

This consultation will look at your image needs and give personalized solutions based on your lifestyle, personality and image goals. It will consist of a preliminary consultation and analysis of your  wardrobe, hairstyle and make up. 


Wardrobe Appraisal 

This consultation will evaluate your wardrobe.   It will be determined what  items you should keep and which ones should be donated. Also outfits within your current wardrobe will be created. 


Personal Shopping Trip

This consultation lasts about a half day.  You will be accompanied on a shopping trip to learn what items will help to revitalize your image. You will be able to purchase key pieces to give your wardrobe a great stylish flair.


Special Occasion Style Help   

This consultation is perfect for those special occasions when you need to look your best and want professional styling.  You will receive help picking the right outfit and accessories that will make you the envy of everyone at the event. 


Virtual Consultations

This consultation is via webcam or camera phone.  If you need advice on an outfit while out shopping or while you out of town she is still accessible. 


Complete Wardrobe Consultation & Wardrobe Planning 

This consultation includes sorting your clothing into items that should be kept and items that needs a rest.  The next step will entail showing you how to create stylish outfits within your wardrobe, as well as, determine what items that should be incorporated to update your wardrobe. You will also receive an outfit layout Photobook of your own clothes to make finding the right outfit quick and painless.  A shopping excursion will teach you how to shop for clothing that compliments your body and your new style.



Call today to get pricing on all services. Hourly Rate Starts at $65.