• Dress Code Consultant

Hire me to speak at your next company HR Dress Code event.  As an MBA consultant I am skilled on the importance of personal branding. Also, as a branding professional that has styled clients for media appearances I know what looks great on camera and can style executives to represent their company's brand properly. 


  • Shop Your Closet

I will show you how to wear the clothing you already own in new ways to fit your current lifestyle.  Clients are always surprised by how many great outfits I am able to uncover right in their own closet! The added benefit is that it doesn't require buying additional clothing.


  • Style Basics

This consultation covers the basics in presenting a positive image.  It will consist of a preliminary consultation and analysis of the following of your wardrobe.  


  • In-Depth Style Tour

This consultation will look at your image needs and give personalized solutions based on your lifestyle, personality and image goals. It will consist of a preliminary consultation and analysis of your wardrobe. 


  • Personal Shopping Trip

This consultation last two to four hours.  I will accompany you on a shopping trip to show you what items will help to revitalize your image. You will be able to purchase key pieces to give your wardrobe a great stylish flair. Preference is to take you to the the most fashionable and sophisticated resale and consignment shops in Atlanta helping you to save up to 80% off of retail prices for designer pieces.


  • Special Occasion Personalize Style Consult

This consultation is perfect for those special occasions when you need to look your best and want professional fashion styling.  You will receive help picking the right outfit and accessories that will make you the envy of everyone at the event. 


  • Virtual Consultations

This consultation is via webcam or camera phone.  This will allow you to literally have access to a fashion stylist in your back pocket through FaceTime on your iPhone or while out of town through your laptop's webcam.


  • Look Book

I can create a LookBook a private online photo album of completed outfits from your closet which will make getting dress effortless. Now you no longer have to remember all the outfits I showed you.  You can log into your account to look through all your outfits to figure out what you want to wear.  Since I believe in wearing your wonderful clothing as much as possible I will also create outfits using the same piece in different ways (casual, dress up, etc.)


Prices starting as low as $65 per session. Group and couple rates are available.