How to Audit Your Wardrobe

by Yasmeen Ati

Many women and men complain that they don't have anything nice to wear.  Their closets may be packed with clothes but many of the items don’t fit properly or are outdated.  Believe it or not, this is a common dilemma. Don't fret. There is a cure for the “I have nothing to wear blues,” it's called a wardrobe audit

Wardrobe AUDIT

A wardrobe audit helps you to rediscover your style while reclaiming your closet space.  It is a great way to see what’s hiding in the back of your closet and assess what items you own.  What I find whenever I audit someone’s wardrobe is that they have many items that they have never worn, some still have price tags, and other items they have not worn in years.

I also discovered that most people do not need to shop for new clothes to get the look they want.  Many just need a creative push to turn the separates they already own into new outfits.  Educating clients about ways to pair fabrics, patterns, and colors also opens them up into seeing their wardrobe in new ways.

With a few staples pieces and some great accessories you can create a barrage of stylish outfits without feeling like you are being repetitive. Layering pieces will also give an old ensemble a new feel. 

Audit your closet and create new fashionable looks using your “old” clothes.