How to Give the Illusion of More Closet Space

by Yasmeen-Ati

If knocking down a wall to build a bigger closet is not an option and your husband refuses to allow another armoire in your already too cramped room, you may want to give him more closet space. 

Relationship advice may not be my forte, however, if you want to keep the peace in your bedroom, give your husband more space for his clothes.  Here are 3 quick and easy tips that will help you free up space:

  1. Donate or sell the clothing you haven’t worn in 2 years
  2. Buy thin velvet hangers, bulky wooden hangers take up unnecessary space
  3. Store out of season clothes in storage bins or storage bags

Remember you can always replace your clothing but your husband is your most cherished prize.  Giving him a few more inches or feet of closet space will be a great compromise. In the process of clearing space, you also give yourself an opportunity to edit, organize, and streamline your wardrobe.  Sacrificing a little closet space will be a win-win.  A happy husband and a happy wife equates to a happy life.