New Black Fashion Blogger in the Blogopsphere

by Yasmeen Ati

Hello world, my name is Yasmeen Ati and I have a story to tell. For now I want to share my passion for fashion with you. I am happy to announce that I am back with a new Fashion blog! Fashion never left my side.  My wardrobe has evolved through the years.  The way I express myself through my clothing has matured.  I no longer shy away from bold prints or bright colors.  I am my own muse and my daily ensembles are my canvas. Fashion for me is an art!

You may wonder where I have been!  I tried to exist in a sea of gray and a world of jogging pants and flip-flops.  I am the mom who gets asked why are you so overdressed and stares from others.  In an attempt to fit in I lost a core part of my personality.  It took confidence to no longer feel the need to apologize for wearing stilettos on a Saturday or a hot pink dress on a rainy day.  I have evolved into my authentic self.

I have spent years reading blogs and following YouTube gurus. I found an online community through fashion, makeup, art and natural hair.  These courageous individuals do not mind being unique in the world.  They bring color in a world of grays and neutrals.

EWS is more than just an online resale shop.  It is a community for people to feel comfortable admitting that they have a love for fashion and the cultural arts! Thank you for visiting and please remember the best fashion statement is being your authentic self.

Sharing my light with the world,

Yasmeen Ati